Database Design & Development

Database design and development is a core strength at W3. We are most at home modelling complex business processes across all the popular sql and 'nosql' storage systems. Need a database application designed? I think we can help...

Almost everything we do in involves a database of some type. From easy to use CMSs and ecommerce web sites to complex database driven applications, we take a 'database centric' approach, believing that if one gets the data structure right, everything else will fall in to place: better model, less coding.

If you are looking for online database design, programming or application development in any of the popular (MySQL, MSSQL, MS Access) relational database engines or one of the more esoteric nosql platforms (MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, etc.), please give us a shout.

We take on database design and development projects of any size (include small simple ones) and you will find that we are a very cost effective option (you could call us cheap). We really do understand data (big or small) and would love the opportunity of quoting for your database design project.