Video Transcoding

We have developed a number of video transcoding applications using a range of technologies (Sorenson, ON2, ffmpeg, etc.) and have (we believe) sufficient experience in this arena to pass as experts...

Typically, online video transcoding applications take a stream or uploaded file and perform 'out of process' (so the user does not have to wait) transcoding from the uploaded format to a 'web friendly' format (typically mp4, .flv or .webm or all of the above), often changing the resolution as well (say from high definition (HD) to 480px or 640px with a lower streaming speed to improve the experience of users with poor access speeds.

If you are contemplating a development project or application that may require media or video transcoding, please give us a shout - I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of development and the online transcoding services we can offer.