Web 3.0

Web 3.0 or Web 3: Do we even need a name? Diehard adherents to the idea (it was never a standard, just an idea) of Web 2.0 may disagree, but the web is evolving into something different enough it may warrant a name.

For a long time Web 2.0 was 'the' buzz word. Never tightly defined and meaning different things to different people, Web 2 was mostly about AJAX, social networking, social bookmarking, easy collaboration, media sharing and yes, shiny 3D buttons.

Without attempting to define Web 3 (the phrase was coined in 2006?) it is or will be about (at least) the following technolgies:

  • Intelligence - not the people kind the software kind, software that learns, understands, identifies patterns and trends and makes meaningful contributions. A web with meaning - the Semantic web (as coined by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • Convergence - of standards into *real* standards - so things are done the same (predictable) way, the web becomes a huge database, easier for machines to understand, sort, filter and deliver in human sized pieces.
  • Big data - and the technolgies that support it (nosql, Hadoop)

Or maybe it will be something else - it has been years since the term was coined, but I have never heard it mentioned by a client - so do phone us and mention, even if its just for fun.