The Process | Method and approach

We develop applications using a flexible, informal, client orientated approach that yields distinct benefits in respect of cost, delivery time and requirements match...

We are small agile company and our approach leverages the flexibility this brings to the table. We are also  a pretty 'cheap' shop - try us...

This flexibilty means each project is approached on its own merits with a development style driven as much by client needs as our 'normal' methodology. A client who says 'I just need a quick script that...' is managed differently to one you says 'We need an application that precisely models our well documented business processes...'

That said, most projects follow the general process outlined below:

  • Consultation: Initally this will be a phone or Skype call. Later (and depending to a degree on the size and nature of the project we (in this case it really is I) will meet with you (if geographically possible), study your business model, discuss your needs, table some ideas and if necessary, explain some of the terminology, technology and functioning of a web site and the Internet in general.
  • Brainstorm: After the meeting, we like to spend a day or two thinking about the project and may present further ideas for consideration.
  • Quote: Once we have a 'firm grip' on the nature and extent of the project, we (I) will provide an informal indication of the likely cost. If this is inline with your expectaions we will then produce a formal quotation. This is usually at a fixed proce (rather than an hourly rate) and include suggestions, alternatives and options. It may require several revisions if the application or web site is complex or extensive. If we are assisting in obtaining outside funding, this quotation would form the basis of your application for funds.
  • Look and Feel: Once the quotation has been approved (and the deposit paid!), we start work on a 'look and feel' for the site (assuming there is a GUI). The first step is a logo (if required). Once this is approved we will use it to infomr the design of teh site. This will be delivered (probably in multiple iterations) as an 'image' of what the will look like.
  • Templates: Once the lookand feel is agreed we build a responsive HTML5 template (essentially a one page version of the site).
  • Integration into CMS: The agreed template is 'cut' into the content managment system (if there is one) and the application itself is built.
  • Content population: Unless otherwise agreed you will provide the content (if any). Typically we will upload the 'basic' content, demonstrate and teach yo the use of the  CMS admin panel and assist you as required.
  • Testing: Once complete, the site is tested using a variety of browsers and mobile plratforms, to make sure it looks and works properly and that all links are functioning and all pages loading perfectly and quickly. Any errors are corrected.
  • Keywords and meta tags: At this stage appropriate keywords and metatags are added to each page to optimize search engine performance.
  • Upload: The site is now loaded onto the server where it will be visible to everyone on the Internet. This stage requires further testing to make certain that the site performs as expected.
  • Promotion: The site is submitted to appropriate search engines and directories. This is done manually as many directories penalize automated submissions. This process is as complex and time consuming as budget allows. Due to the nature of the algorithms used for site indexing, results cannot be guaranteed - but we think we are pretty good at this part.
  • Maintenance and updates: Depending on the nature of the site, it may need regular updates and changes. We can do this for you or teach you to do it, depending on your requirements.