Dedicated Servers

While the tradional home for many mid scale projects, dedicated servers are not required as often as they used to be - simply because hardware has gotten so much faster and more powerfull that what once needed a dedicated server may now only require a VDS.

Nevertheless there are some distinct advantages:

  • Your application is physically isolated from all others - your OS is yours, not a guest on an underlying host OS. This means you have 'real' access to all physical resources (network cards, drives, etc).
  • You (or perhaps more importantly your investors / shareholders / auditors) have a sence of physical ownership not present when renting a VDS or 'cloud' server.


There are some disadvantages too:

  • Cost..
  • Support: someone needs to keep the box and all its services patched, updated, managed, etc.
  • Stuff breaks - hard drives wear out, power supplies cook and someone has to fix or replace them.


If you need a server or three we can help source, provision, install configure and manage and we would love you to pay us to do it - but do not go this route unless you really need to.