Our Philosophy | What makes us different

It seems like everyone and his brother (or at least a distant cousin) can design your web site for you – or at least says he can – so more than ever before it is necessary for 'real' design businesses to differentiate themselves from the 'also rans' and keen but not so competent amateurs.

We believe some things set us apart and ahead of our competitors:

  • Passion: In any endeavour it is passion that stretches ability, changing results from 'acceptable' to brilliant. We get excited by your potential success and have a real interest in helping you strive for it.
  • Competence: There is no substitute for ability. Our in depth experience and technical skills mean we can take you all the way.
  • Lean but not mean: Our efficient development methodology and lean structure means we can bring projects to market at remarkably low cost.
  • Bottom-line: Many of our clients are operating on tight budgets – often trying to do a little more with a little less  – not unusual in these straitened times. We understand and will do our very best to accommodate your budget while delivering the features you need.
  • Business Knowledge: Years of experience across many sectors and working a huge variety of businesses form start ups to trans-nationals means we have an innate understanding of a wide range of business types and processes and are able to convert this knowledge to practical useful applications.